The Week in Photos: December 11-17

December 11


Gol Gappa from Babu Ji.  This Indian street snack consists of a hollow lentil shell filled with a soupy sauce called imli pani. Pop the whole golf-ball sized snack into your mouth, and it explodes on your tongue to release a mouthful of tangy, tamarind sauce.


A rare selfie in a year of images. I spend so much time behind the camera that I can be uncomfortable in front of it, but this year in images has been as much about personal exploration as it has been about the world around me.

December 12:  Trying a new recipe from Cooks Country (Feb/Mar 2016):  French White Bean Stew aka “lazy man’s cassoulet.”


Browned chicken thighs and bratwurst.


Simmering in a stew of chicken stock, cannelloni beans, garlic, onion, and white wine.


The final product, topped with toasted bread and parsley.

December 13


December 14


Snowy Holy Cross Cemetery in Flatbush, Brooklyn.



NYC Gay Men’s Chorus Holiday Slay Concert at NYU’s Kimmel Center.

December 15


A winter sunrise over Flatbush.


Small town holidays in Wausau, Wisconsin.


Tom and Jerry’s at the Domino in Wausau, Wisconsin.

December 16


Not only is this one of the most-used holiday recipes in my family, but seeng my mom’s handwriting and name makes it extra special this year.


Dinner with Dad: Kimchi roasted chicken with potatoes and arugula.

December 17


Detroit Airport’s tunnel to the Emerald City.

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