The Week in Photos: November 6-12

November 6


Blue skies after a rainy week/end…it’s going to be a good day.

November 7


Keeping my sunny side up.


Parent of the Year – this mama mouse is attempting to chew her baby free from the glue trap. NOTE: vegetable oil dissolves the glue almost instantly. These two were unharmed and released…several blocks away.

November 8


Portrait of a toothbrush (aka…I forgot to take a picture, and it’s late.)

November 9


Enjoying our daily walk around Holy Cross Cemetery even more with the fall colors and swirling leaves.

November 10


Wow, this person gave up before the New Year’s resolution season even started. That’s some next level quitting.



When you decide to try out your Thanksgiving decorations by setting a table on the Pacman machine at the bar. Now we just need the turkey.

November 11


Shed the dead.  So satisfying.  Saturday night home pedicure.

November 12


Fall colors in Prospect Park.


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