The Week in Photos: October 30 – November 5

October 30


Patterns. David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center.


Another incredible Pop-Up Magazine show!

October 31


Something really spooky for Halloween:  two month old yogurt.

November 1


Checking out new office space today at BKLYN Commons – a great co-working space in Flatbush AND the headquarters for District 40 City Council Candidate Brian Cunningham.


The amazing view of Western Beef from our “new office.”


Despite what it looks like, the little guy got free. Vegetable oil helps break down the glue in a glue trap and then you can release outside. Unfortunately, I may have released him too late. He only ran a few feet outside before he collapsed. Somewhere taps is playing on a tiny trumpet.

November 2


Ok, not the most inspired photo, but I had the privilege of attending a Teaching Tolerance workshop today facilitated by anti-bias educator, Sara Wicht.  The workshop was about how to talk about race, racism and other challenging topics with students and colleagues.  I highly recommend this workshop and all of Teaching Tolerance’s resources, which are FREE to educators.

November 3


Sunrise on the fire escape.

November 4


Saturday night peeping.

November 5


Rainy day views from the couch.



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