The Week in Photos: October 23-29

October 23 – Enjoyed one last day in Wisconsin and hiked to the top of Rib Mountain with my Dad.


October 24 – Today I participated in a workshop called Building Blocks – a collaborative and creative approach to community improvement – facilitated by Design for Agency.  In this workshop we focused on the issues of recycling, tree pits, and food waste in the Flatbush / Ditmas Park neighborhoods of Brooklyn.  We worked in teams to imagine a “zero-waste” future (NYC is actually attempting this!  Read more about it here.)  Leveraging our common resources, we designed a day in the life of this hopeful future and imagined the actions and ideas that would get us there.


October 25


Sunset over Flatbush

October 26


Clear skies and fall colors on a walk around Flatbush.

October 27


“What do you mean you spent all day watching Stranger Things Season 2 and forgot to take your daily photo?!”

October 28


Princess show at Brooklyn Bowl.  Maya Rudolph and Gretchen Lieberum performing Prince songs?!  It was a sexy Halloween indeed.  

October 29


Rainy day views.


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