The Week in Photos: October 9-15

October 9

Oops!  Spent the whole day editing photos and I guess I forgot to take one…

October 10


When the delivery guy comes.  These two…

October 11


A ticket, a tasket…a backpack full of produce


Got to see the NYC premiere of The North Pole Show. This dope comedic web series explores climate change as a metaphor for gentrification in Oakland, CA. And it’s hella funny. Learn more and watch all episodes for FREE at: Here writer/producer Josh Healey speaks with lead actress Reyna Amaya as well as Brooklyn artists and activists about the show and the issues it explores.


One night in Brooklyn took me from a film premier about gentrification, to an open mic at a saloon, to live jazz. Amazing.

October 12


Here’s Johnny! (or my creeper dog, Milo)

October 13:  Today we discovered that Milo loves gummy worms.  Who knew?!


October 14


Morning vibes


Fall colors

October 15


There is nothing like the feeling of sailing down the hill in Prospect Park on an autumn day.



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