The Week in Photos: October 2-8

October 2:  Started the week out with some good old-fashioned bread-making.  Anyone who has spent time in Madison, WI will recognize this as Stella’s Spicy Cheesebread.




Milo had a particularly rough Monday.

October 3


Tried a new recipe:  butternut squash pasta with pancetta and sage – amazing!  A great dairy-free pasta recipe if you ditch the shaved pecorino on top.

October 4


Biked to Pastosa today in Bensonhurst to pick up some fresh, authentic Italian pasta.  The bike ride from Flatbush to Bensonhurst was a true study in Brooklyn’s cultural diversity:  from Caribbean roti shops, to Kosher delis, Chinese dumpling houses, and Italian pasta shops.

October 5


‘Tis the season!


Fresh-baked “Cowboy Cookies” with oatmeal, pecans, coconut, and chocolate chips.


The night before a big dinner party and you discover your kitchen cabinets double as whiteboards.

October 6


We just like it to appear we have a lot of friends.

October 7


Spent Saturday night chatting online with Ravinder from Samsung Smart TV Tech Support.  He solved all my problems.  Why can’t online dating be just as easy?

October 8


A beautiful hibiscus in the autumn rain.


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