The Week in Photos: September 25-October 1

September 25


This is Milo’s approach to Mondays


New blossoms on the African Violet!  A good sign for the week ahead.

September 26


My friend Taylor decided to hold a clothing swap for her birthday–such a great idea!  Everyone brings clothes they are ready to let go of (but are still in decent condition) and you essentially set up a free store in your living room.  I may never shop again.  We also set up a photo booth to add some fun.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

September 27


One of those crazy beautiful days when the rain and sunshine came at the same time.

September 28


Tried a new recipe that is now one of my favorites:  roast cauliflower and chicken with shallots, tomatoes, sage, garlic, and lemon.  Even the leftovers are amazing.

September 29


Literally ran into the light on my run today.  Embracing the metaphor.

September 30


I mean…isn’t that the only kind of floor?

October 1


Cortelyou farmer’s market colors.


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