The Week in Photos: September 18-24

September 18



It was a Leonard Cohen kind of day.



A dog and his new toy…which was destroyed within a day.

September 19


I just love coming home from a day at work to a present from Milo.  I had to stop him from eating it…as if throwing it up once wasn’t enough.

September 20

Doing some redecorating.  I think the dog makes all the difference.

September 21


Finding treasures on our run.  Milo tried to steal this from a child.  Can you blame him?

September 22


When you park a classic car outside of Photoville, you have to expect a crowd of photographers.


ReSisters:  Behind the Scenes of the Women’s March was an amazing collection of photos from Kisha Bari at Photoville.  I was out of town when the march happened (and so disappointed to miss this historic event) and this was a great chance to see more about who and what made this day possible.


Contact sheet and image of the mighty Mos Def from Contact High:  Hip Hop’s Iconic Photographs and Visual Culture.  This was one of my favorite exhibits at Photoville, getting to see not only these iconic images, but the contact sheets and selection process behind them–a dream for a hip-hop loving photographer.  While in the exhibit, I saw a young kid pointing out the artists he knew:  J Cole, Kanye, Jay-Z, Tyler the Creator…and then he skipped over Mos Def, clearly not recognizing him!  #Teachthechildren


Image from Living in the City:  An Inside Look at Four Decades of Changing Housing in New York City at Photoville.  With so much contemporary work, it’s interesting to archival footage, especially about an issue changing so rapidly in New York City.


Images from the exhibit Charlottesville & Beyond at Photoville.  It was great to see this exhibition come together so quickly since the tragic events in Charlottesville on August 11th.


September 23


The glow from my air conditioning unit.  Why am I still needing to use this at the end of September?!

September 24


When things get serious at Sunday bocce league.



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