The Week in Photos: September 11-17

September 11


Probably not the most effective storefront display for a real restate broker.

September 12


Local primaries!  You know you’ve been working in schools too long when you pull out your phone at the voting booth to look up a candidate, look around surreptitiously, and think, oh shit, am I cheating??

September 13


I never go to the Lower East Side without finding a new piece of art.

September 14


Little boxes…


All by myself on the 2 at 7pm…the AC is working and no one even pooped in this train car!

September 15


Friday night lights in Hell’s Kitchen at Alfie’s


Couldn’t have said it better myself, Julia.

September 16 – Saturday we decided to head to the Brooklyn Museum to check out two amazing exhibits: We Wanted a Revolution:  Black Radical Women and The Legacy of Lynching.  Both were powerful beyond words.


This incredible exhibit (which closed on Sunday) was a powerful collection of work by black female artists and activists who were forced to carve and claim their own space in response to both the male-dominated civil rights movement and the white-dominated feminist movement.



An impromptu live performance in the exhibition space.  A procession of women dressed in red moved into the main exhibition space, staged a powerful (and nearly wordless) performance, and proceeded out chanting, “black, radical, women.  Claim your space!” 


I cannot say enough about this important exhibit.  A collaboration with the Equal Justice Initiative and Google, the exhibit explores the history of lynching in America and its lasting legacy in the violence against black bodies and lives in today’s criminal (in)justice system.  Come prepared to watch and listen to gripping personal stories, as the exhibit features several short documentaries about families who lost people to lynching.


September 17


Literally a dream come true…I finally got to see Ira Glass live and put a face to the voice after listening to all 600+ episodes of This American Life.  Ira was a guest on Eugene Mirman’s show, Hold On, as part of Mirman’s comedy festival.



Bell House bathroom art.


Sunday I also had a chance to photograph the Building Blocks exhibit and workshop at the Flatbush Frolic.  Building Blocks is a project spearheaded by Taylor Kuhn (founder of Design for Agency) that explores collaborative and sustainable solutions to community problems.


After several months of gathering input from community residents, Building Blocks will be tackling one of the problems that came up most frequently:  waste management



In the workshop, participants chose an area of waste management they cared about:  litter, tree pit neglect, or recycling/food waste.  They then chose a more specific problem within one of those themes.



Using a combination of images and community resources, workshop participants developed and described creative solutions to the waste management problems they chose.



The Building Blocks exhibit also featured a gallery of create re-use and hate management ideas from around the world.



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