The Week in Photos: July 17-22

Posting a day early this week, as I am headed to Glacier National Park for the week and will be completely and blissfully unplugged the rest of July.  See you in August, hopefully with some beautiful photos of this wild west.

July 17


This week my Dad and I have been tackling the bittersweet ask of going through my mom’s things.  It’s been almost a year since she died and it still doesn’t feel real.

July 18


Home. Just like my mom left it.


I’ve been using the Happiness Journal for two and a half years now. It’s fascinating to see where I was each day a year, two years ago. Sometimes painful, sometimes happy, but always a reminder of the journey I am on.

July 19


A trip to my childhood orthodontist to repair a broken retainer brought back some memories…


Community bucket list in downtown Wausau


Stuffed salmon from the Back When Cafe – my friend’s parents own the place and I love eating here anytime I am in Wausau.

July 20


I spent most of this week working, so really appreciated my Dad’s homemade tortillas and fajitas for a quick lunch.

July 21


It’s a Friday night in Wisconsin, and that only means one thing: Fish Fry!


Finishing off my really Wisconsin day with peanuts and local beer at Wausau’s Bull Falls Brewery.

July 22 – Today my Dad and I headed out on our road trip to Glacier National Park.  Today we made it to Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  It’s amazing to leave Wisconsin in the morning and be here by the afternoon.


Canyon views at Theodore Roosevelt National Park



Prickly pear at Theodore Roosevelt National Park.


Juniper berries…smells like a gin and tonic!


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