The Week in Photos: June 5-11

June 5


Dinner at Pig and Khao in the Lower East Side lived up to its hype AND they have beer in Buddha-shaped bottles!

June 6


Just a little voodoo on a Tuesday morning…

June 7


Baratunde Thurston kicks off BUILD NYC’s Spring Celebration as our MC and board member extraordinaire


Business Plan Competition winners, ExpoLight, are honored at Wednesday’s Spring Celebration.


The BUILD-NYC Program Team is badass. They launched the biggest site in BUILD’s history, pulling off a year of stellar programming and events, and impacting the lives of nearly 500 9th graders across NYC. AND they can hold down a dance floor.

June 8


Happy Birthday, Kellie!



Dreamy clouds in the light of a full moon.

June 9


Times Square/Midtown Manhattan



Pop-Up Magazine is seriously one of a greatest experiences ever. A night of live storytelling that lives only for the duration of the show.


So many great storytellers and artists on one stage at NYC’s Town Hall.

June 10


Brenda’s bachelorette party!  There was pole dancing, but this is the only photo you’re getting.

June 11 – Spent the day at Flatbush Festival in Brooklyn.  This wonderful community festival brought together artists, businesses, and community services to celebrate this beautiful and diverse neighborhood and to plan how to keep it strong.  Taylor (from Design for Agency) and I gathered community input about what is and is not working in Flatbush and asked community members to envision a stronger Flatbush.



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