The Week in Photos: April 10-16

Have been busy and distracted this week, but tried to use my iPhone more and take pictures when I could.

April 10 – This was the first day of 2017 that I didn’t take a picture.  I am forgiving myself and letting myself be human – beautifully flawed and in a constant state of becoming.  There will be other days and other photos, and my practice at this point has already made me look at the world and myself differently, even without my camera.

April 11


Spring blossoms in front of the Brooklyn Museum…on my birthday!

April 12


Hot pink hyacinth in Cadman Plaza, Brooklyn.

April 13


The colors of Nostrand Avenue, Flatbush Brooklyn


New York:  what a beautiful, cruel, colorful, terrifying, wondrous feeling you are.


April 14


How many firemen does it take to coil a firehose…?

April 15 – A delightfully distracting day on Coney Island, complete with hot dogs, the Side Show, the Wonder Wheel, and carnival games.  And Russian vodka. #WheninBrightonBeach



Step right up! To the Famous Coney Island Side Show!



View from the Wonder Wheel.



On the boardwalk…

April 16

Finding balance and peace in the woods.


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