My Week in Photos: March 13-19

Spent last week working and playing back in my old neighborhood of Oakland, California.  It feels so good to go home.  Especially when it’s 75 degrees and sunny.

March 13 – The Lyft driver that picked me up from SFO had his dashboard covered in handwritten positive affirmations and goals.  We spent the ride talking about passion and purpose in life.  His advice was that “being happy is a skill,” something you can cultivate by finding your passion and making it your life’s purpose to share it.   His own passion was affixed clearly on the center of his steering wheel where he sees it every day:  “Create a legacy of happiness, health, and success for generations of my family…by helping others do the same for their…while positively impacting the lives of millions of people (directly & indirectly)…helping them feel better, believe bigger, and achieve more.”  Thank you for the upLYFTing ride, Stephen! (Too cheesy?)



March 14 – Worked and played in the South Bay for a change!


March 15 – Serendipitously, my friend Adrienne had an photo exhibition opening on my one free evening in Oakland.  She is a talented photographer and a beautiful person.  Her work is up in the Laney College Photo Department for the rest of the semester and you can see her work at



March 16


Women’s Mural on the front of the old Parkway Theater on Park Street in Oakland.


My boss had us over for happy hour after a team retreat and we got to play with her adorable kids.  The last time I saw Maya, she couldn’t even walk yet.  They grow up so fast!

March 17


My colleagues on BUILD‘s National Program Team after a long day of retreating and planning for the year ahead.

March 18 – I got to spend the day doing walking around Lake Merritt and enjoying the sites, smells, and tastes of the Lake Merritt Farmer’s Market.






Ended the day in San Francisco.  View of the fog rolling in from the Mission District.


All set up for a casual dinner party at a friend’s apartment in the Mission.

March 19 – Scoped out some locations in Dolores Park for a family portrait session on Sunday.


James tries out his new periscope glasses. #nerd #wherecanibuysome?


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