My Week in Photos: March 6-12

Despite the weather this week, I have been out walking with my dog, Milo, more.  Each morning we walk three miles, around Holy Cross Cemetery in Flatbush, Brooklyn.  Depending on the day, the walk can be peaceful and solitary–just me and birds–or it can be flurry of activity as kids walk to school, adults hurry to work, and on Sundays, families spill out of churches in the afternoon sun.

March 6th


Mom and child walk down Nostrand Avenue on the way to school Monday morning.

March 7th


Walking to school on Avenue D on Tuesday morning.


Prepared for the rain on Clarendon Avenue in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

March 8th


“Don’t get me with the cigarette in my hand.  That’s not how I want the world to remember me.” -Carl, on Clarendon Avenue in Flatbush, Brooklyn.


Moss and paint combine to create a beautiful palate of color at Holy Cross Cemetery.

The morning walk to school in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

The walk to school on a rainy day.

March 9th


Loaves of fresh bread at a kosher bakery on 2nd Avenue in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

March 10th


Headed to school on a snowy Friday morning in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

Blue front stoop in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

I think they call if cerulean.  Blue front stoop in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

A snow-covered Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn.

A quiet and snow-covered Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn Heights on Friday morning.

March 11th

A robin braves the cold day in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

A robin perched on a front gate on Schenectady Avenue in Flatbush.


Birds gather on a telephone pole on Snyder Avenue in Flatbush.

A rare trip into the city on a Saturday afternoon gave me a chance to take in some of Manhattan at the “golden hour” when the light creates beautiful, rich colors.

A lovely dinner at Pondicheri for a friend’s birthday.

Broadway, Manhattan.

March 12th – A Sunday afternoon walk through Flatbush, Brooklyn.


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