The Week in Photos: February 27 – March

This week seemed to drag on forever, yet somehow I struggled to find a lot of time for photos.  I guess we all have an off-week here and there.

February 27 


The week was to off to a good start when I spent Monday night battling a migraine.  This was the only photo I could muster.

February 28


Spring HAD sprung in Brooklyn, randomly in the middle of February.


Decided to stroll through DUMBO today in search of some lunch and came across this cool owl mural off Pearl Street.


The Porchetta from the Bread ‘n Spread in DUMBO. Incredibly moist kurobata pork belly with garlic and fennel, pickled red onion, arugula, red pepper spread, and aged provolone on ciabatta. Don’t expect to get any work done after lunch.

March 1 

Dropped Cornell off at JFK Airport today, took a new route home, and came across this cool mural on 80th Street at Flatlands Avenue in Canarsie, Brooklyn.

March 2


Normally this corner is packed with Caribbean men playing dominoes, BBQing, laughing, and living it up.  With the cold weather this week, the corner was quiet and the chairs neatly stacked.  I’m currently working with some of the men on a documentary photo and portrait project.  If all goes as planned, by summer this gray wall will be filled with a colorful mural depicting the lively crew that makes this corner their home away from home and a staple in the Flatbush community.

March 3


George, a Flatbush neighborhood resident is at work on Nostrand Avenue handing out flyers for a tax and accounting service. His struggles with substance abuse have left him homeless and he spends most nights sleeping in the stairwell of my apartment building. This is part of a larger project I am working on, documenting the people and places of Flatbush.


Milo keeping watch over 28th Street on a Friday afternoon.

March 4


Always carry your camera:  you never know when you will see a clown on his way home from work on a Saturday afternoon.


Front doors in later afternoon sun on Avenue D in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

Milo and Jaclyn snuggling on the couch Saturday night.

March 5


Laundry day on Avenue D.


A good reminder that, contrary to recent weather, it’s still winter in New York.


A tree grows (around a fence) in Brooklyn.


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