The Week in Photos: February 20-26

February 20 


A pigeon on the platform at Newark Plaza.


February 21 – Just a few images from a new project I am working on documenting the neighborhood of Flatbush, Brooklyn.


February 22 – I walk through Cadman Plaza on my way to work Severin DUMBO every day and have never stopped to look at this World War II memorial.  In the evening, I attempted to attend Congressional Representative Yvette Clark’s Town Hall meeting, but the lines were insanely long.  Those of us who could’t get in gathered in front of the Brooklyn Public Library to rally for peace and stream the speech on smartphones.


When Representive Clark’s Town Hall was overflowing with attendees, Brooklyn Residents gathered outside of Brooklyn Public Library and streamed the speech on their phones and laptops.

February 23


Opposites attract on 2nd Avenue in Manhattan.


A barber cuts hair late at night on Avenue D in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

February 24 – Tasty breakfast before heading out the door to a long day of work and a field trip to the International Center of Photography to see their exhibit Perpetual Revolution.


Poached egg over pasta with kale, beef, parmesan, and breadcrumbs.

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives (Have Always) Mattered is part of the lager Perpetual Revolution exhibit at the International Center of Photography.

February 25 – Today we helped my boyfriend move.  He only moved a block away, but after hauling more than 60 crates of his vinyl record collection, it felt like 10 miles.


More than 60 crates of recrods made their way to DJ CprodG’s new apartment Saturda, thanks to a great crew of friends.

Cornell and Pierre

Cornell and Pierre moving some essentials into Cornell’s new apartment.


South Slope friends celebrate after finishing a long day of moving their friend Cornell into a new apartment.

February 26 – Spent the day building new shelves to hold just a few thousand records.


Moving day for a DJ.


Cornell assembles new shelving for his collection of more than 60 crates of vinyl records.


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