The Week in Photos: February 6-12

Homework, snowstorms, work, and more cabinet member confirmations–it was a tough week to fit everything in, but just picking up the camera made me feel better.

February 6 – After a long day at school and work, a bowl (and photo) of homemade Tom Kha soup was perfect.

Tom Kha

Homemade Tom Kha soup on a cold Monday night.

February 7 – Enjoyed a walk in DUMBO before heading to Documentary class this evening.


Mural in DUMBO by the F train on York Street. (Designer: Wade Jeffree; Illustrator: Yuko Shimizu; Painter: Coby Kennedy).


Peer critiques of our Subway assignment in my Advanced Documentary class.

February 8 – The calm before the storm.  When people weren’t talking about the impending snowstorm today, you could just smell it in the air.

February 9 – SNOW DAY!  There is almost nothing as satisfying as being snowed in and cozying up on the couch.  Even if you still have to work from home.


February 10 – Finally ventured out of the house after the snowstorm.


February 11 – We took a class field trip today to see Mierle Laderman Ukele’s retrospective at the Queen’s Museum.  Ukeles is a New York-based artist who as been exploring issues of feminism, labor culture, and community resilience through performance art and sculpture since the 1960s.  She is most known for her projects, Touch Sanitation and Maintenance Art, which involved Ukeles shaking the hands of the more than 8,500 sanitation workers in NYC.  The trek all the way out to Queens also gave us an opportunity to enjoy the culinary wonders of Flushing.

End of the Line

The train yards at Metts Willis station on the 7 line.


The Unisphere reflected in the side of a sanitation truck at the Queen’s Museum


Sun setting over Avenue D in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

February 12 – Today was dedicated to homework and rest, even managed to get out of the house and take a soggy walk in the rain.


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