The Week in Photos: Jan 30 – Feb 5

January 30 – With classes back in session, I finally have an excuse to get into the city again on a regular basis.

Dog Walker

MANHATTAN – January 30, 2017:  a dog-walker at work on 5th Avenue

January 31 – A beautiful snowy day – the perfect way to end January.

Pineapple Walk

BROOKLYN – January 31, 2017:  snow flurries along Pineapple Walk in Brooklyn.


BROOKLYN – January 31, 2017:  the lobby at WeWork DUMBO Heights

February 1 – February began with almost no trace of the snowstorm from the previous day and the nicer weather allowed us to discover the incredible views from the roof of our office at in DUMBO.


February 2 – It’s always a great day when you have Juliana’s Pizza for lunch!


February 3 – Took a long walk with Milo after work today and enjoyed the neighborhood.


February 4 – Did homework all day and then enjoyed a much-needed girl’s night at the spa.


February 5 – Squeezed in a little practice with on-camera flash today before my batteries died and my model stopped cooperating…






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