The Week in Photos: January 1st-8th

Over the past year, the one piece of photography advice I heard more than anything else was:  Always have a camera in your hand.  Shoot. Every. Day.  In an honest effort to follow as well as to improve as a photographer, I am committing to taking at least one photo per day for all of 2017.  To make the project sustainable, I will post the photos at the end of each week, aiming for no more than 3 per day.

Already in one week, I have noticed how much this simple project (and the act of having a camera other than an iPhone in my hand at all times) has forced me to look at the world more closely:  To stop and take notice of symmetry in my usual walk to work or the light in a bite of grapefruit.  Looking forward to the year ahead…

January 1st


BROOKLYN – January 1, 2017:  Lingering holiday decorations at South Pub on New Year’s Day.

January 2nd 


BROOKLYN – January 2, 2017:  A discarded silk poinsettia blossom in the leaves on a walk around Holy Cross Cemetery in Flatbush.

January 3rd

New Office

BROOKLYN – January 3, 2017:  Working late in our new office at WeWork DUMBO Heights.

January 4th

January 5th


BROOKLYN – January 5, 2017:  First week back from the holidays set-up:  lots of coffee and a long To-Do list.

January 6th

January 7th


BROOKLYN – January 7, 2017:  The first big snowstorm of the season blankets the intersection of 28th Street and Avenue D in Flatbush.

January 8th


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